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Unity Consciousness | Sharon Cheney

As we move towards December 2012, we hear more and more about Unity Consciousness. So what is Unity Consciousness?

Whether we realize it or not, we are all interconnected energetically; we all live in the same energy soup, so to speak. And like soup, there are no beginnings or endings. Some people like to call this energy web love while others prefer the term the God connection. Whatever you chose to call it, this energy is the force that keeps us alive. It is everywhere –in us and around us--at all times.

Many people are unaware of these energy connections because they do not see or detect them by common measures. Being interconnected in the energy web does not mean that we are related genetically, or that we be or act the same, or even that we agree with one another. It simply means we are always connected with one another, on some level.

"... we are always connected with one another."

The planet, as well, is part of this same energy web. It, too, is a conscious being just as we are. As we grow in consciousness, the planet continues to shift energetically because we are all interconnected. As we become more sensitive to our interconnectedness, we may perceive changes in our personal field, other people's energy fields, and even the planet's field-- especially when solar flares, eclipses and certain astrological alignments take place.

So if everything is connected in this energyweb, what does this mean in terms of our daily lives? It means we have the possibility to communicate with any being that requires energy to sustain life, be that animals, people, plants, crystals or even the planet itself. The way we communicate is through our intuitive abilities. The physical distance between people or objects plays no part in the quality of the communication.

We all have the innate ability to do this. All that is required is that we be willing to open ourselves to these alternative forms of communication. We all know we can reach others who share our concerns and passions through the internet and social media but we have yet to realize that we can do the same thing without the use of technology.

The energy web has always been with us but our awareness of it is growing, as is our sense of responsibility. This has been demonstrated by the love and generosity people have shown to those who have suffered from natural disasters worldwide. Our concern for others is expanding beyond those we know personally to include all life forms on this planet as well as the planet itself. Along with unity consciousness, comes the realization that we are all- powerful and can trust in our inner knowing. We all have God within us and have more power than we realize or use. When I say power, I do not mean power over others but the ability to access and use all our gifts. When we are not fully in our full power, we lack the understanding of our true potential. When we are fully empowered, not only do we feel good inside, it impacts every aspect of our life including all our thoughts, actions and relationships. We know intuitively what is right for us and have the confidence to act on that knowing. When we have the courage to follow our truth, the inner power we feel is its own reward.
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