We must joyfully commit to serve each other in making an unprecedented and all encompassing shift in consciousness. What we have before us is the opportunity to create life on earth from a new consciousness that recognizes our eternal relationship with the Source of All That Is.

Words from Akilah

Welcome to the ezine | October 15, 2012


During the winter months this year, I carefully planned my dream garden. In mid-April, I put in my order for some new herbs that I would plant in my front yard. I had chosen the sunniest side of the yard where I knew the herbs would thrive. I reserved the shady half of the front yard for hostas, purple palace and elephant ears. In the back is where I planned to begin my organic vegetable garden. By the time May was here, I had all my tools ready, and my daughter, Accra, was ready to help with the planting. As it turned out, Philly, like most of the United States, was in the middle of a drought.

Despite the shortage of rain, I did find rewards in the garden. The flowers did manage to root,

and I even discovered a rose bush that I spent some time rescuing from weeds. By July, the tarragon, basil and mint we planted in mid-May were ready for marinating salmon and chicken. "Anything is possible."But except for a blueberry and blackberry bush, a small dwarf fig, and a few herbs, nothing else edible could be planted. Maybe next year will be better for those heirloom tomatoes that I could practically already taste on a bed of organic mesclun.

The Ball jars that I intended to fill with stewed peaches, cha cha and blackberry liqueur preserve (a recipe I was going to create) are still in my studio housing their beads. I stacked the seed catalogs along with some of my prized garden books back on the shelf. Maybe the

weather will be more in alignment for that garden next year. Tending and cultivating that garden was going to be one of the highlights of my summer. The other was creating a shift in consciousness ezine. Fortunately, the drought did not prevent me from that.

There are several reasons for this ezine. The first reason is that I want to share information about the miracle that we are experiencing on this planet: the shift in consciousness. To be on this earth at this moment in time, is to be participating in the miracle of global enlightenment. Many say that we are at a choice point. We can either continue down the path that has created the world as we know and live it each and everyday; or, we can embrace our power, having become aware that we are God in physical form, and create a new world.

Anything is possible.

The second reason I created this ezine is to share the

bounty of inspiring people I have had the honor of encountering in recent years.

These people, most of whom you will never have heard of, are participating in this transformation simply by doing their daily thing. Some of them I have never met in person, but our communication has been inspiring and comforting. As they share their stories and their work, I hope that you will also be inspired to express and share the treasure that you offer. So those are my words for October.

This month I would like for you to meet Steve Foran. I met Steve at a three-day Bill Gove Speech Workshop in August of 2010, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I receive Steve's daily gratitudes. Five days a week, he reminds me that there is always, always something to be grateful for.

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Guest Feature

Steve Foran

Meet Steve Foran

Steve Foran is a high-voltage electrical engineer and a top-of-the-class MBA.  But it's 30 years of customer service (serving and being served) that have transformed him into... The Gratitude Guy.  He helps organizations striving for service excellence and seeking genuine happiness for their people.  Sign up for his video blog at www.giveraising.com/resources-videoblog.php#

Gratitude – The Path to Excellence | Steve Foran

After one of my gratitude workshops, a business owner remarked, "If I let my staff know that I am grateful for their performance, when they fall short of a goal, I am basically giving them permission to underperform. I just cannot allow that because we will never grow or achieve our stretch goals."

I did not have a good response at the time, but his comments sent me searching for a better answer. Somehow, maybe this article, will find its way to his reading list.

Here goes…

Genuine gratitude is not about accepting mediocrity. The casual observer often quickly and incorrectly assumes that if he allows himself to be grateful for substandard performance, either his own or that of others, that it will multiply into more substandard performance in the future. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Looking more broadly, gratitude is the feeling that you experience when you attribute the positive aspects of your life to others.

However, the state of gratitude is not limited to when things are good; at the same time it is critical to understand that gratitude is not a Pollyanna masquerade for when things are bad simply to make them appear good.

More deeply, although gratitude is a foundation for happiness, it is not pixie dust that makes everything pleasant, at least not immediately. Genuine gratitude acknowledges the truth and sees reality – the good and the bad – it just allows you to do so from an appreciative perspective. This is difficult and at times, it is nearly impossible.

Being appreciative about less desirable situations is tough because it is easy to focus on the negative or it can be just as easy to gloss over the challenges and whitewash them

with unbridled optimism. Or, as in the case of the bottom-line focused workshop participant mentioned previously, it can be perceived as accepting a life of mediocrity.

My initial response to the comments at that workshop was weak.

In fact, it was somewhat embarrassing. As I drove away, I began inventing other responses I might have given him.

Then the analogy appeared. As a young engineer I was responsible for implementing a quality program in a large organization. Like all quality programs, we strived for continuous improvement. When mistakes were made, we jumped on them to learn – not just to fix the problem but more importantly to prevent the mistake from ever happening again. The investigations sought to inform not to blame.

After the investigation, we would learn something about what caused the error and we always found that some parts of our process were working just fine. We learned from our shortcomings and celebrated what we did well. This was our path to excellence and it was anything but mediocrity. In hindsight, we could have called them gratitude investigations.

Whether it is in your personal or professional life, gratitude actually transforms "accepting mediocrity" into "chasing excellence."

"Gratitude is not about accepting mediocrity."The systematic practice of gratitude parallels how one would investigate a non-conformance (the technical term for a mistake) in a quality program. Both ideas are rooted in accepting and appreciating reality – but not for the sake of being stuck in that reality. Instead, they both know that future success is built upon the success of the current reality and what can be learned about the current reality. If you can obtain this mindset about your current reality, even if it is horrible, you'll realize that your current reality is actually a gift.

The comment made to me by that skeptical business was a gift of enormous magnitude though it did not feel like a gift at the time. I am ever grateful he spoke up.

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IWP Team

Akilah t'Zuberi

Akilah t'Zuberi

Owner, Inner World Press

Metaphysician, visionary and futurist, Akilah focuses on consciousness shifting and expansion. She shares ideas and information about the crucial role that thoughts and beliefs play in creating experience. Her ideas are based in A Course in Miracles and The Course of Love series (The Treatises and The Dialogues). Akilah earned a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in women's literature from California State University, Sacramento. Her Ph.D. in metaphysics is from the American Institute of Holistic Theology..

Photo Credit: Jabari Zuberi Images

Accra Zuberi

Accra Zuberi

Graphic Designer

Accra lives and teaches ceramics for The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. She holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also does illustration and graphic design. She's awesome!

Aaron Joseph

Aaron Joseph, adj.Media

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Aaron has a passion for printed material as well as the reach and interactivity of the web. He holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, having graduated with a focus on fiber art and printmaking in 2006. In addition to his web development and design work–including graphic, 3d, layout, and advertising work–Aaron is also a blog writer for GoBanter.com and has written about the Occupy Oakland movement.

Jabari Zuberi

Jabari Zuberi, JZimages.com


"Images have always been an important part of my life. They guide me through my desire to capture life as it unfolds around me, and they have always been a way to create scenes of my imagination and about my curiosity in the world I live in. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments." – Jabari Zuberi

Lisa Corcoran

Lisa Corcoran

President, Graphics Division, Corcoran & Neil LLC

After Akilah started IWP, Lisa was the first person to come onboard. She's awesome, bringing more than 30 years experiences in the publishing business. She is a joy to work with.

Laurie Thompson

Laurie Thompson


Laurie Thompson was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. After completing her undergraduate degree in Social Science from Michigan State University, she went on to complete her Masters degree in Social Science at the University of Oklahoma, where she also began a career as an English as a Second Language instructor.

From there, she lived in Boston, Massachusetts for 12 years where her career in the ESL field evolved from Instructor to Academic Director to School Director and finally to Company Vice President.

In 2005, Laurie moved to Oaxaca, Mexico where she has continued to do freelance language and business consulting while seeking to dedicate herself to creative expression through photography and poetry. Since 2008, she has had three individual photography exhibits and two group exhibits in both Boston and Oaxaca. She will soon have photos on display at two metro stations in León, Guanajuato in Mexico.

Laurie is also a Yoga Instructor, certified by The Yoga Institute en Mumbai, India, and gives classes in Oaxaca.

Akilah t'Zuberismiling people

You Are Prepared for this Shift

The Sessions in Shifting is a 4-week online course. Each week you can engage with the Sessions at a time that is convenient for you. Whenever you decide to shift, the sessions are sure to provide you with thoughts and techniques to assist you in transcending your limitations and fears. Allow these Sessions to awaken the power you have to create an extraordinary life experience.

You are a genius co-creator of this magnificent Universe.

Express your purpose and be the creator that you came here to be. Everything that you require is available for you and simply awaits your acceptance.

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