Kairos Youth Choir


Phone: 510-704-4479

Email: kairoschoir@gmail.com

1940 Virginia Street

Berkeley, CA 94709

Kairos rehearses at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Berkeley.

Upcoming Events

choirAvghie: Greek;  meaning "Sunrise" Anthos: Greek;  meaning "Blossom"

For newly developing choristers; emphasis is on singing techniques and foundations of music theory.

Past Events

choirAnthos: Greek;  meaning "Blossom"

For the advanced beginning choristers with some musical background, and those entering the choir at the 4th through 6th grades;

choirFor intermediate and advanced choristers; emphasis is on furthering vocal development, part-singing, music theory, and music history.
choir For advanced choristers deepening love of music, teamwork, friendship and quality singing bringing all of the elements together.